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Koalas, Kangaroos, and a Few Emu’s

We took a trip out to the preserves for Koala, Kangaroo, and Emu sightings.  Since I’m limited to this horrific wifi situation I’ll just let the pictures speak.  Keep in mind that I was taking picture without a tripod and a 26x optical zoom so I apologize for shaking and some issues with focus.  Tried […]

Melbourne Charm Exceeds Expectations

DISCLAIMER:  The hotel has given me 30 minutes of WiFi time in the lobby so please excuse errors.  This is truly publishing on a deadline! Our day in Melbourne began slowly with a leisurely breakfast at our hotel before heading off on a walking tour of Melbourne “Lanes and Arcades”.  I didn’t really know what […]

Melbourne Hotel Charges Exorbitant WiFI Rates

We are staying at the Savoy Hotel and they want an arm and a leg for internet connection which really ticks me off.  So for the next couple of days we will be dependent on hunting out free WiFi at cafes and coffee houses.  It was a shock to land in such an urban environment […]

The Last Supper

For our final supper in New Zealand we headed down to the water front to a lovely “localvore” restaurant named, The Public   I love their sentiment, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”. Wayne had another plate of plump oysters. And I had a beet and watercress […]

Fair Well New Zealand and the Kiwi Connection

We have a bittersweet feeling in our hearts tonight as we leave this remarkable county and people tomorrow morning.  So we are not way farewell, we hope that this bit of paradise “Fares Well”.  We wish New Zealand and the Kiwi’s every opportunity and happiness that we have felt as a guest in their county.  […]

Milford Sound Videos

It appears that my videos were too dense to be posted directly on the website so I sent them to YouTube where you can view.   Waterfalls.  More Waterfalls and . . . More Waterfalls.  This one is professional with music.  It is a “Calgon Take Me Away” experience. Aaron, our trusted pilot safely landing […]

Jaw Dropping

The only other experience I’ve had where someone told me to close my mouth and move along was in the Tutankhamen exhibit at the Egyptian Museum.  Well, today rivaled that experience.  We were picked up at Brown’s Hotel, where the innkeepers are on vacation.  I volunteered Wayne and I for the next vacation watch to […]

A Day in Christchurch

We woke this morning after our day in Akorora and had time to explore Christchurch on foot.  Sorry to be a downer here but the city center is still akin to a war zone.  We took off on foot and had an intriguing three-hour walk.  I previously commented on the difficulties of rebuilding after the […]

Leave it the French

In 1838 Captain Jean-François Langlois made a provisional purchase of land in “the greater Banks Peninsula” which contained the town now called Akaroa.  Unfortunately, from the time of his purchase, return to France to rustle enthusiasm for his idea of a naval outpost in New Zealand, and his final return with Frenchman in tow, the […]

What’s taking so long to rebuild Christchurch?

I had an interesting conversation with our hotel staff this morning after inquiring about the delays in rebuilding Christchurch.  The devastation is still so palpable and in juxtaposition to everything else in New Zealand being so neat and tidy I wondered what was causing the paralysis in rebuilding.  First off, New Zealand’s economy is built […]