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New Zealand Summary

I’ve done a slide show of quite a few pics from New Zealand.  I quickly realized that there were too many so will give you all a break and do the same for Australia and Abu Dhabi in the next few days.  I’m also going to check with the hosting company to learn how I […]

Abu Dhabai Bye

Well, the business is over and was successful so this afternoon Wayne and I went for a little sightseeing in Abu Dhabi.  We took a shuttle into the city center from our hotel on Yas Island.  We were dropped off on the Corniche which is a man made water feature that runs through the city.  […]

Final Syndey Post and Flight to Abu Dhabi

Sorry this is out of order but I’m carefully watching computer memory to prevent another meltdown.  Our last day in Sydney we took a cruise that allowed us to view this incredible city from the vantage points of the first settlers who realized what a unique harbor had been created by nature. Seeing the incredible […]

Goodbye Sydney, Hello Abu Dhabi

Since my computer is basically two Dixie cups and a string at this point I will have to keep my posts to a minimum at least until I’m finished with work in Abu Dhabi.  But here are a few sites from our stay in Sydney. After seeing these iconic images over and over to experience […]

Sydney and a Computer Meltdown

      So here we are in Sydney with a singular photo to prove it.  Unfortunately something has got my computer in meltdown mode and after two trips to the Apple store I’ve managed to get it working again but with only three gigs of hard drive to spare so I will have to […]

A Silky Day at Silky Oak Lodge

We knew we would love this place but didn’t realize how much.  I want to live here.  Waking up in a tree house in the rainforest is something I never thought I would do.  But here we were and decided to spend a day with our feet planted on one piece of property. Again, the […]

Deep into Daintree

Evidently Australian turkey guard the doors at the Silky Oak Lodge because this one was insisting that I give him food before letting me pass to breakfast. This bird was the only thing standing between me and this cappuccino.  Guess who won. Who knew that we would be seeing two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in […]

Waking up in a Rainforest

We landed in Cairns last night just as dusk approached.  Thank Mother God that we had a driver because we would never have found our way to our hotel 90 minutes from the airport.  We are literally at the end of the road on a mountain rainforest.  We started our trip at the mega-airport at […]

Slide Show of Koalas and Kangaroos

Just figured out the only way to share this was to upload to YouTube so here is the link.  The clarity is much better if you do not go into full screen mode.  Remember, I was taking these shots without a tripod while tramping through the brush so I apologize that they aren’t the best […]

Up Close and Personal with Uluru

So, how does one get up close and personal with such a large monolith as Uluru?  Stick with your intrepid guide, Rebecca!  She was with us this morning and came back for another dose of mostly the same crew in the afternoon. She has an extremely respectful approach to her work and the environment in […]