Sydney and a Computer Meltdown





So here we are in Sydney with a singular photo to prove it.  Unfortunately something has got my computer in meltdown mode and after two trips to the Apple store I’ve managed to get it working again but with only three gigs of hard drive to spare so I will have to be a bit more judicious in what pics I take and post.  I decided to spend the time enjoying Sydney and living with the small hard drive space rather than running from Apple store to Apple store.

Yesterday we climbed the harbor bridge and it can truthfully be said it was the thrill of a lifetime.  Here is a short video.  The sound is not good with much wind but Wayne is talking about the cruise ship that was leaving the harbor and everyone on deck was waving to us while we were on top of the bridge.

We also took the cliff walk at the opening of the harbor to the Pacific.  Stunning.  More to come.  Tomorrow we are off to Abu Dhabi until the 14th and then home after a month of travel.



4 Responses to “Sydney and a Computer Meltdown”

  1. Camille writes:

    Your Australian adventure is fantastic. Abu Dhabi will be an interesting change. What a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing. Camille

  2. Sev writes:

    For a single shot of Sydney, you captured its most celebrated structure. Proof positive that you are there.

    You both look so exhilarated on that wind whipped bridge!!

  3. Gary writes:

    Wow, you two look like your are having soooooo much fun. Fly Safe. Don’t forget your Burka.

  4. Wesley writes:

    I’m not that much of a internet rreader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep iit up!
    I’ll goo ahead annd bookmark your website to come bwck later on.
    Alll the best

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