New Zealand Summary

I’ve done a slide show of quite a few pics from New Zealand.  I quickly realized that there were too many so will give you all a break and do the same for Australia and Abu Dhabi in the next few days.  I’m also going to check with the hosting company to learn how I can save all of this in a specific place if you ever want to come back for a refresher.  Thank you all for putting up with my beginning skills in this area and hope you have enjoyed.


Link is here.



4 Responses to “New Zealand Summary”

  1. Carole reedy writes:

    Beautiful slide show , Rob. unforgettable trip, I imagine

  2. H2 writes:

    Ooo–had almost forgotten about the train ride and balloon trip. And the oysters! Welcome home.

  3. Sev writes:

    Wonderful show! Welcome back and thanks for taking us along.

  4. Beth I writes:

    Rob, thank you for allowing us to take this fabulous trip with you.

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