Archives for the Month of June, 2014

Home Safe and Sound

Wow, what can one say when they are sad to leave a place they are visiting.  That’s how we felt about the Lake Crescent Lodge and the Olympic National Park.  I would encourage all of you to put it on your bucket list and get there.  We thought we could take a more scenic route […]

How do you leave a place that captures a special moment in your heart?

The last three days at Lake Crescent Lodge have been spectacular.  Not only is there unrivaled scenic beauty, the sense of history, place and being caves a special place in your heart.  So tomorrow we have to leave, head back into Seattle and prep for our flight home.   Today, we went to the hot […]

A Healthy Good Night

Goodnight and fare thee well.  We are heading to dinner for a special meal prepared by the chef.

Our Gifts to Us

Wayne and I make a habit of watching CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood every week.  Each Christmas season they devote an entire show to the gifts Americans have given themselves; our National Parks.  They celebrate newly acquired parcels of land that have been named National Parks, Forests, Seashores, and Wildlife Refuges as our Gifts […]

A day of transition beauty to beauty

We started again with the prescribed rasher of bacon and after a quick work call we began our adventures.  First off was the Smith Tower.  An amazing “skyscraper” that for years was the tallest building outside of New York.  It was built by the man who owned Smith Corona typewriters and made all his money […]

Boeing, Boeing, Gone

Little did we know that the entrance to our inn was also a pick up location for Microsoft employees.  I came out to the street to be faced with a gaggle of young, jean clad techies who were all waiting for their ride. Today started with an early wake up due to time changes and […]

Getting into the Seattle Groove

It was a very easy flight (calm, but every seat full) and we even got a great view of Mount Ranier.  I didn’t know that it was on the list of the most dangerous volcanoes on earth.  It has an incredible amount of glaciers on top and even though nothing has happened since the 1800’s […]

Once again, leaving on a jet plane

We had a smooth trip to O’Hare this morning to  start our trip from rainy Chicago to sunny Seattle. More topsy turvey weather.   You can just see the tail of a Qatar airways 777, a direct flight from Doha. I found it amazing that the folks at the CDC quarantine operation at O’Hare  were […]