Home Safe and Sound

Wow, what can one say when they are sad to leave a place they are visiting.  That’s how we felt about the Lake Crescent Lodge and the Olympic National Park.  I would encourage all of you to put it on your bucket list and get there.  We thought we could take a more scenic route back into Sea-Tac but that didn’t work out since we wanted to visit the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field.  Where else can you go inside a British Airways Concorde and tour SAM 970 which was  Air Force One until it got upgraded to SAM 26000.  It was amazing to walk through such a piece of history.  The SAM acronym stands for Special Air force Mission.  The plane we toured was the plane that Johnson took to Dallas the day Kennedy was assassinated.  It felt like you were walking on history.




Where we put our carry-on were berths for sleeping.



The conference room looks rudimentary now but was state of the art at the time.


We especially loved the “Doggie Door” entrance to the Presidential office and immediately thought of our Izzy and Fiona tramping through regardless of any national crisis.


There were safes on board which contained nuclear launch codes whenever the President flew in the plane.




The communications center was a blast from the past and sorry, but I didn’t get the wall hung pencil sharpener from all of our grade school rooms in this picture.


We were also able to go inside the Concorde from British Airways.  The plane was unremarkable in terms of interior which only proved that it’s value was speed.



So now, home it is for a while but if you need to travel vicariously I would recommend our friends Heidi and Art on their nostalgic Amtrak trip to Los Angeles.



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