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Living Donors Meeting to Attempt Guinness World Record

As a grateful recipient of a liver transplant I hope you will consider sending this to friends who may be interested in this important event to promote life saving organ donation. Gathering of living donors in Chicago. This event is being hosted by living donors for living donors with the support of Transplant Village, supporters […]

Ayo Curacao

Kura Hulanda Museum

Houses painted in colors washed with my blood; fragments of heart under the icy sun of mid day. Charles Carrere   Little did we know that yesterday was one of four Curacao holidays, “Carnival Monday”.  Streets were empty and everything, everything was closed.  So this morning we hightailed over to the Kura Hulanda Slave Trade […]

Curacao Carnival

What can you say except “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Strongly encourage you click on photos to see full pixels                                    

A Walk Through Willemstad

After a long morning sipping coffee, we headed out to walk Willemstad.  First a stroll through our neighborhood, Otrabanda, and the many blocks of restored Dutch Colonial homes.  Otrabanda, the harbor, and, Punda the neighborhood across the harbor, are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Here are some restored Otrabanda  homes.  As always, click […]

Alarm Clock

If we practice finding beauty today, we’ll find twice as much beauty tomorrow. If we work on forgiveness today, tomorrow we may be free of resentments. I am working on forgiving the rooster who stopped by very early, announced his presence, and then strutted off, the cock of the walk.    

Piercing the Willemstad Labyrinth

Welcome to Willemstad,  that is if you can locate your accommodations.  Equipped with Google Maps and the best of intention, we still ended up at a structure bearing the word demencia in its name.  I quickly understood their services when I asked for directions and had to be buzzed through a locked entrance.  Willemstad is […]

Terra Firma/Terra Mare

  This post is a day late but hopefully not a dollar short.  We were without electricity for a good portion of the morning and afternoon yesterday.  The internet link went down but never came back on even though the electric found its way to our home.  Ying/Yang of being in a beautiful, remote location. […]

The Pot at the End of the Rainbow

  First is the faith of a pot that is turned upside down. This pot can’t receive anything that is poured into it. Second, we have the pot with holes in it. This one will be able to gather whatever is poured into it, but only temporarily. Third is the pot that is right side […]

Good Morning

  Good morning, or as they say in Papiamento, “Bon dia”.  I wake every morning and the first thought of the day is gratefulness.  My touchstone is a simple bracelet that says, “Liver Transplant, July 20, 2017, Call 312-695-8900”.  Those few words encapsulate what I am grateful for.  A donor who did not go gentle […]