A Day of Exploration


This morning started with a late breakfast then taking our Kia Picanto (described in advertising as “urban, fun and energetic by nature” when the reality is the opposite) for a not-so-brisk trek to discover another side of Curacao.


Exiting our compound, we almost took out one of the abundant native species.  While they are crawling all over, we don’t see many this large I think due to their complete negligence of looking both ways before crossing the street.



Our first stop was Christoffel Park,  the largest national park in Curacao just east of our house in Sabana Westpunt.   In one national park, all the varied topography of Curacao seems to come together, ocean, beach, mountains and scrub.  The lands used to be Plantation Savonet, one of the first established on the island and prosperous from the labors of 242 slaves.  Here, a pastoral view of remaining buildings contradictory of the historic horrors inside.


Dropping the Picanto into low gear we slowed our way down to oceanfront and took a beachhead trail that was a lesson in complex Curacao geology.  Fossil, limestone and petrified coral outcroppings?


As best I can understand, there were complex damn systems that trapped high tide waters, then evaporation facilitated the salt harvest.


Then on to the most important purpose of the day, the ancient Indian drawings 4,900 years old, now fenced off from tourists who previously took advantage by carving their initials alongside.

Dropping the Picanto into fourth gear, we sailed toward home but passed the entrance home and take a look at the “Blue Hole”, a section of coastline where ocean has chewed its way through rock to create an entire plumbing labyrinth that oozes seawater into land.  Here is a powerful example of the forces at work.



To celebrate this wonder visitors have taken to stack rocks to depict the water spouting out the ground.


The stacks seem to go to infinity.

And here is the name sake Blue Hole, completely separated from shoreline.



Looking down from the cliffs we were treated to a view of the famed “Caribbean blue” waters


Treading on, we were treated to a view of our house opposite that depicted in today’s opening photo.  Our house from the “Blue Hole Cliffs”.


Signing off for today.  After all this, tomorrow may need to be spent in repose or floating in the pool.





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